Get alerted when your contact form breaks.

Don't lose or frustrate the leads trying to contact you.
FormUp automatically, simply, and regularly tests your website contact form, then alerts you when it breaks.

See how FormUp works

How FormUp works

There are lots of ways a form can break, from the page not loading, the submit button failing, to the receiving email account not functioning. FormUp simulates a real user in a real web browser to test your form at 14 common points of failure.

1. Choose the form to monitor.

Tell us the webpage your form is on. If there's more than one form on the page, we'll ask you which form you'd like to monitor. FormUp can handle most single-page forms.

An email address or a mobile phone number -- up to 3 of each per form.

3. FormUp does the rest.

We will check the form hourly, daily, or weekly (your choice), then email/SMS if we detect failure. Simple.

How FormUp works

2. Tell us who to alert.


Keep more leads with FormUp.

Standard Monitor



Per form, per month

Get alerted on form failure

Checked hourly

Unlimited email alerts

20 text message alerts

Billed annually

Agency Package



Custom packages for monitoring 10+ forms.

Includes discounted rates and invoice billing options.

Inquire to build yours.



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